Different Types of Polyethylene Water Tanks and Their Benefits

Polyethylene water tanks come in various colours, sizes, shapes and styles to suit every household’s or business' needs. With a large number of polyethylene water tank manufacturers in Australia you will never run out of choices. From larger round tanks for maximum capacity to sleek, slimline options to maximize space efficiency, you can be sure there are tanks available in your area that meet any requirements. And most of these manufacturers offer consultation, quotation and help you determine what water tank cater for your needs best.

We have compiled a list of several types of polyethylene water tanks and the benefits of each one to help you choose.

Slimline water tanks will suit any type of house or dwelling. Due to their narrow sizes, slimline tanks can fit under eaves, behind the garage, at the side of the house or in areas where traditional tanks would take up too much valuable space. So if you have limited space and want to minimize the visual impact of the tank then a slimline is the right tank for you.

The classic corrugated round water tank is as Australian as Vegemite and you can even get poly tanks in grey to evoke an old corrugated iron tank – the material Australia was built on. The largest round water tanks can store tens of thousands of litres, giving you a reliable supply of water. These types of tanks are suitable if your area is dry where long term harvesting and storage of rain water is critical, or if you have plenty of space and a large roof to collect rainwater from.. Due to the large sizes, these types of tanks are commonly used for rural and agricultural applications.

Their name suggests, underground tanks are installed under your property, completely hiding them from view. For those who want the best space saving option and concerned about aesthetics, it’s hard to bypass this type of water tank. Not only does it saves your property from the occasionally devaluing sight of a tank, it will also save a huge amount of space.

The Low Profile Under- deck Tank is unique in its design and strength because they take the concept of a slimline water tank along the side of a house.

Once you have determined what type of tank that best complement your needs, you can now contact your local manufacturers.