• Enviroform 3000ltr Diesel Storage Tank

3000ltr Diesel Storage Tank


The CRD3000 Tank is one of Enviroform’s Single Skin Diesel Storage Tank range. This tank is designed for the inner storage tank of an enclosed bunded area that is in accord with the AS1940-2017 Diesel Fuel Standard. Designed with Australia’s harsh climate extremes in mind Enviroform’s diesel tanks are built to heavier specifications boasting wall thicknesses up to 14mm. These small storage tanks are an ideal and cost effective solution for the remote bore or water pump needing a stable diesel reservoir close by, or the smaller acre farmer needing to upgrade their current diesel dispensing supply.

Each tank comes standard with:
1. 2” Bottom Fill Connection, Top Fill options also available.
2. ¾” Return Line for Pumps.
3. Earthing Rod and Connection.
4. Specialised Bi-acting Vent; only activates when filling and emptying. This is enables the vessel to remain completely air tight when not in use preventing condensation build up and fuel contamination.
5. Sight Glass Level Gauge; clear level display isolated by a Ball Valve.
6. Specialised Nitrile materials are used in all seals and gaskets for longevity.

Delivery can be arranged to any of the following areas; NSW, SOUTHERN QLD and NORTHERN VIC

Tank Diameter 1500mm
Tank Height 2100mm